1935 Southern California Invitational 12 Litre Class


1935 Southern California Invitational 12 Litre Class
November 16-17 Mile Course
Salton Sea Mile Heats
Indio, California Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner
1. 7-G Baxter Special Dan Arena
2. 10-G So Long Lou Fageol
3. 8-G Native Son D.R. Crawford


( In Motorboating Magazine a folksy article was written by George Reis-three time Gold Cup Champion, who came to Salton Sea that was created by the Colorado River to report on the progress of the new Gold Cup Class that was established in California by Lou Fageol. The inference from the article was that Dan Arena won the regatta over Lou Fageol. Dan Arena personally confirmed this. However in the Indio News D.R. Crawford with his Native Son were listed as the winners even though they were reported as sunk sometime on the day of the race. )

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]