1935 Spreckels Trophy

American Boat to Race in France

The forthcoming International Speedboat race for the Spreckels Trophy at Paris, France, will see a new boat named Uncle Sam in competition. Built in great secrecy in California and tested on Lake Merced the boat has been shipped on a Dollar Line steamship belonging to the father of R. Stanley Dollar, Jr., who will drive it in the race on July sixth. The race is to be a two hour contest over a course of approximately 1½ miles and the winner will be the one who covers the greatest distance in that time. England has three boats, France three, Italy three, and the U. S. only one. The race is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Jean Dupuy who have donated the valuable trophy for the contest. This must be won three times, and young Stanley Dollar hopes to get the first leg on it this year and bring it back to the St. Francis Yacht Club, under whose colors he is racing. Should he be successful the next race will be held by his club in San Francisco. The trophy is a work of art worth 150,000 francs, and in addition cash prizes to the same amount are offered to the winners in the competition.

(Reprinted from ?, July 1935)