1936 Pacific Motorboat Trophy Gold Cup Class Participation

Renewed Activity For The Inboards On The West Coast

This month will see the revival of a three-heat race for the old Pacific Motor Boat Trophy on Newport Bay, California. The trophy comes back into competition after more than twenty years of idleness in the custody of the California Yacht Club. It was donated in 1923 and won that year by Frank M. Garbutt in Mystery, and in 1924 by Joe Fellows, Sr., in Fellowship Too. In late years there have been no challengers.

There are no hull or motor restrictions excepting the limitation of super-chargers. Any inboard race boat which, by trial run or known past performance, can turn over 50 miles an hour, is eligible. The field will be all-Pacific Coast, drawn from ports between Vancouver, B. C., and San Diego, California.

Bob Ruskauff

(Reprinted from Motor Boating, November, 1936)