1938 Lake Tahoe Championship


1938 Lake Tahoe Championship
July 10 3 Mile Course
Lake Tahoe 6 Mile Heat
Tahoe City, Calif. 6 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Race
1. 10-G So Long (2) Lou Fageol 43.286
2.   Baby Skip-A-Long Stan Dollar  
3.   Mercury Stan Dollar 43.636
4.   Hornet II Henry Kaiser 40.373


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1. Mercury Stan Dollar 400 43.636
2. So Long Lou Fageol 300 43.286
3. Hornet II Henry Kaiser Jr. 225 40.373
4. Baby Skip-A-Long Ollie Meek Dnf  


Mercury was the former Cigarette IV that won the 1926 President's Cup. It was a Dodge Trophy boat and thus had a relationship between its length and the cubic inches in its motor. Cigarette IV was 35ft. x 6ft. with a 12 cylinder V1400 Curtiss engine and was not a Gold Cupper. It was described as a semi-displacement hull in 1938 and as a result of its engine was not eligible for the Gold Cup in 1938 or 1926 and thus does not fit our definition of a Gold Cupper or an Unlimited Hydroplane.

Baby Skip-A-Long was the former Greenwich Folly that won the Gold Cup in 1926 and 1927. It was also a displacement hull and had an engine of about 300 horsepower. In 1938 a Gold Cup boat was a hydroplane with about twice the horsepower and thus Baby Skip-A-Long does not fit our description of a contemporary Gold Cupper.

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]