1939 Lake Tahoe Championship

Kaiser Wins at Tahoe

Henry J. Kaiser, Sr., won the lake championship event of the Tahoe Yacht Club regatta. at Chambers Lodge, Lake Tahoe, August 6, covering the six-mile course of three laps in seven minutes, 47 seconds.

Speedboat drivers, familiar with Tahoe racing, said it was the fastest time ever recorded in the Tahoe regatta. Kaiser's wife was co-pilot in the new 600-hp. streamlined Hornet II.

Randolph G. Walker, driving Ranjac, was second, with a time of 8:47. John Metcalfe, in Hecolate, was third with 9:12. Stanley Dollar, Jr., several times winner of the event, cracked a cylinder.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, October 1939, p.53)