1950 Detroit Memorial

Cantrell Sees Records Falling

Bill Cantrell momentarily stopped tinkering on Horace Dodge’s My Sweetie and turned prophet.

Cantrell forecast the three record times established during the running of the 43rd Gold Cup race a week ago will be

surpassed in the Detroit Memorial Saturday.

Slo-Mo-Shun, the West Coast craft, set the Gold Cup heat and race records. My Sweetie accounted for the lap record.

Cantrell, universally recognized as one of the most capable and daring drivers in speedboating, was a forlorn figure in the Gold Cup. Despite painful injuries suffered three days earlier when Delphine X flipped with him, Bill elected to pilot My Sweetie.

The pain was too great for him to endure and he had to turn the boat over to Lou Fageol for the second heat.

Now Bill figures he must redeem both himself and My Sweetie in the Memorial.

* * *

“I’m 100 per cent improved,” he said, “and I figure we can get out and top the times made in the Gold Cup. Remember a year ago we set Gold Cup records on a 2½ -mile course that were only slightly under what Slo-Mo-Shun did this year on a three-mile course.

My Sweetie has been equipped with a new engine for the Memorial.

Regret: Cantrell deeply regrets he isn’t getting another chance at Slo-Mo-Shun.

“She had perfect water for the Gold Cup — the flatest I can remember the River ever being since I started racing here,” Bill said. I would liked to have seen how she’d perform when it was a little rough.”

The Field: My Sweetie and Such Crust I are the only starters out of the Gold Cup which appear certain to return for the Memorial.

Jack Schafer’s Such Crust II appears definitely out of the race. Danny Arena, who piloted it last week, may switch to Guy Lombardo’s Tempo VI.

Walter Dossin’s new Miss Pepsi, with Chuck Thompson driving, was given a shakedown run Thursday. It will take its qualifying run Friday.

Appointed: Sheldon Clark, commodore of the Yachtmen’s Association of America, has appointed three new members do the U. S. Harmsworth Selection Committee.

The new members are Detroiters Benson Ford, Robert T. Keller and Ed Stair. They join eight holdover members who will pick the three boats which will represent the U. S. against the Canadian challenge of Harold Wilson in his Miss Canada IV.

The trials for the Harmsworth places will be held Aug. 25-28. The Harmsworth will be contested Sept. 1-2.

Statements: Re Slo-Mo-Shun’s failure to compete in the Memorial Trophy race:

Lee Barrett and Leonard Thomson, representing the Detroit International Regatta Committee: “Stanley Sayres’ Slo-Mo-Shun may win a place as a member of the United States defending team of three boats for the Harmsworth. It is perfectly understandable that Sayres should not wish to risk his craft in any other race, no matter how important.

It is definitely felt by local officials that Sayres’ decision was prompted by the feeling that sportsmanship can be better served by keeping the boat available and ready to defend the Harmsworth next month."

Owner Sayres: I do not feel I have any right to jeopardize my boat's chances to help keep the Harmsworth in the United States by participation in any race prior to that time.

If I had entered the Memorial, the best I could have expected would have been a purely personal triumph if I had been fortunate enough to win it.

“It seems to me I would have been derelict as an American sportsman if I let any private affair interfere with one that has an international flavor."

— July 28,1950