1950 Madison Water Carnival Free-for-All


Ohio River 10 Mile Heat
Madison, Indiana 10 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner
1 G-11 Ollie's Folly Oliver Elam
2 H-11 Mercury Oliver Elam
3 U-16 My Darling Andy Marcy
4 N- Wild Goose Phil Rothenbusch
5 A? Pops VII [Tops VII] Thom Cooper


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1 My Darling Andy Marcy 400
2 Wild Goose Phil Rothenbusch 300
3 Mercury Oliver Elam DNF
4 Pops VII Thom Cooper DNF


[Statistics from Greene, V.1]

Note: slightly different results are reported in Fred Farley & Ron Harsin's Madison: Hydroplane Heritage (BFP), pp.112-3:

"The first Unlimited hydroplane to race at Madison was the My Darling, from Springfield, Illinois. Powered by a 12-cylinder Allison and driven by owner Andy Marcy, My Darling was a step hydro and did not have sponsons. Marcy defeated a field of smaller inboard hydroplanes at an average speed of 76.000 miles per hour. Phil Rothenbusch finished second to My Darling in Wild Goose, while J.D. Smith ran third with Y-39. Thom Cooper dropped out while leading in Tops VII when a piece of driftwood lodged itself in the water intake."