1950 Maple Leaf International Trophy

Powerful Speedboats to Churn Detroit River in Maple Leaf Classic

Here is a map showing the course
Here is a map showing the course the power boats will race in tomorrow’s international classic. It is expected hundreds of spectators will crowd the shore line to watch the event. Last year many small boats cruised about at each end of the course.


Horace E. Dodge III
Tomorrow the Detroit River will be churned by the whirling propellers of powerful boats entered in the Maple Leaf Classic owerboat race sponsored by the Windsor Yacht Club. In the picture at the left, Horace E. Dodge III, in striped T-shirt, watches as engineers fasten a rudder pin on Delphine X which he willdrive in the race. It will be Dodge’s first competitive start.


Four boats entered in the race
Four boats entered in the race are shown above. At the top is the Delphine X, to be driven by Dodge. Second from the top is My Sweetie which won the Gold Cup race last year, and will be piloted again by “Wild Bill’ Cantrell. Famed Such Crust I, another Gold Cup winner, will be driven by Danny Foster. Such Crust I is shown in the picture second from the bottom. Sistership Such Crust II, also owned by Jack Schafer, Detroit, is shown in the bottom picture. Danny Arena will drive Such Crust II.