1950 Ocean City Regatta - Gold Cup Class


September 9 2½ Mile Course?
Great Egg Harbor 15 Mile Heats
Ocean City, New Jersey 30 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Race
1 G-66 Dee Jay V Dan Murphy


Heat One
  Entry Driver Points Speed
1 Dee Jay V George Miller 400 73.???
Heat Two (Cancelled)
1 Dee Jay V George Miller


  Recapitulation Heat 1 Heat 2 Total
1 Dee Jay V 400 Can. 400


Lap - Dee Jay V

A two heat contest was scheduled for the Gold Cuppers and 7-Litre boats. Tempo VI, Miss Pepsi, Etta, Chaz, and My Sweetie sent in entry blanks along with Dee Jay V. But none showed except the latter entry. As a result the second heat was cancelled and Dee Jay V won the trophy by running one 15 mile heat.

[Statistics and comments from Greene, V.1]