1950 Presidents Cup

Speed and Spray

Driven by Chuck Thompson, the new twin-Allison powered Miss Pepsi of Detroit whooped it up in the Presidents Cup Regatta at Washington and won all three heats. In each heat, Horace Dodge's My Sweetie of Detroit, driven by Bill Cantrell, was second but always far behind. In the final tally, Pepsi had 2,000 points to Sweetie's 825 and Such Crust I's 428 points. In the last lap of the final (third) heat, Thompson opened up the Pepsi to 95.038 mph., upping the 83.18 record set a year ago by Bill Cantrell in the Sweetie. Thompson also raised the former fastest heat record to 88.725 mph. (former record 78.51).

(Reprinted from Lakeland Yachting and Motorboating, October 1950)