1950 Steel Cup

Speedboat Aces to Race Here in May

Regatta of 50 Added To Steamboat Contest For Welcome Week

Some of the world’s fastest speedboats, including the world’s record holder, will churn the waters at The Point in Pittsburgh’s first international regatta on Saturday, May 20.

It will ne one of the features of Pittsburgh Welcome Week, the mammoth city-wide open house celebration sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

The speedboat races will form a thrilling adjunct to the second running of the colorful, smoke-spewing steamboat race.

Elite of Speedboats Coming

The elite of speedboat racing will show their wares at the regatta. Guy Lombardo, bandleader, will bring his famous “Tempo VI” here, a boat which holds several world speed records. Jack Schaefer, of Detroit, will bring his two famous boats, the “Such Crust I and II.” “Such Crust I" holds the United States speed record in its class of 126 miles per hour. Joe Van Blerck and several foreign racers will also be on hand.

The course will have its starting and finishing line along the Northside. Boats will travel one or more laps of 2-1/2 miles each going down the Ohio near Brunet's Island and returning to a turn-point at The Point.

50 Boats to Participate

More than six races will be held with over 50 boats participating. Numerous trophies will be awarded, including the “Steel Cup” to be presented by Benjamin F. Fairless, president of United States Steel Corporation, to the winner of the Unlimited Class.

Elaborate preparations are required for the race. Already provision has been made for several boat “caravans” which move in trailer units over the highways. James H. Young, Jr., is in charge of River Day, including both the speedboat race, under H. Clay Rodgers, and the steamboat race, under Eric Ferguson.

--- Friday, March 3, 1950