1950 Tahoe Yacht Club Championship

Plenty of Racing on Sunday

The Tahoe Yacht Club Regatta, with about 25 speedboats expected to participate, will be held Sunday from 9:30 a.m to noon at the Tahoe Tavern Course. Events include races in such classes as 115 horsepower and under. 145 h. p. 165 h. p., 325 h. p. and the Tahoe championship handicap race. Water ski exhibitions are also slated.

Donner Lake’s outboard motorboat regatta has attracted nearly 40 drivers, headed by class "C" record-holder Bud Wiget of Concord, Calif., with eight races on the program beginning at 11:30 a. m. at the west end of Donner Lake over a mile long course.

— July 8, 1950

* * *

Speedboats Roar Across Tahoe in Initial Regatta

Lake Tahoe today will be the scene of the year’s first speedboat regatta, and most of the powerful craft on the big bi-state lake will be competing at the Tahoe Tavern course.

Sponsored by the Tahoe Yacht Club, the regatta will offer races in several divisions, including 115-horsepower and under, 145-horse-power, 165-horsepower, 325-horsepower and the Tahoe championship handicap race.

It is not believed that the Kaiser or Dollar craft will compete, but about 25 other speedboats will probably take part.

Water ski exhibitions also wi’l be held during the regatta which begins at 9:30 and will last past noon. The Tavern racing course is located off the northwest shore on the California side.

--- July 9, 1950