1951 Harwood Trophy Race

Guy Lombardo Hurls Challenge

Bandleader Guy Lombardo, owner-driver of the unlimited hydroplane Tempo VI, issued a challenge last week for the fifth edition of the annual Harwood Trophy Race around Manhattan Island, next Sunday.

Announcement of Lombardo’s challenge was made by Lou Eppel. Cedar Grove, N. J., president of the American Inboard Association. sponsor of the 30-mile race.

While he has never won the Harwood Trophy Race, Lombardo has finished among the first boats home for two consecutive years. The Freeport, L.I., sportsman finished second in the 1949 event with Tempo VI and fourth in the 1950 race when he drove Delphine X, owned by Horace E. Dodge, Detroit.

Within the past 10 years, Lombardo has won nearly every major motorboat trophy in competition. His most recent victory with the mahogany-and-red 30 footer was the title event in the National Sweepstakes Regatta, at Red Bank. N.J., two weeks ago.

Included among the early entries for the event is Bevwyn, a new seven-litre hydroplane, owned by R. W. “Rick” Keller, Detroit. Keller finished third in the 1950 race with a 225 cubic inch hydroplane. The 27-year-old motorboat driver is the son of K.T. Keller, chairman of the board of the Chrysler Corporation.

--- September 3, 1951