1951 Lake Tahoe Championship

Tahoe Regatta Set For Sunday

Tahoe City, Aug. 9. (Special) — Annual regatta of the Tahoe Yacht club will be held at the Chambers lodge course at Lake Tahoe on Sunday, Aug. 12.

The speedboat races will be held on a course two miles long, rectangular in shape and three-quarters of a mile on the straightaways.

A new trophy will be awarded for any boy 18 years of age or under who finishes in the first three places in any race.

The races, which start at 9:40 a.m., with the eighth and final race scheduled for 12 noon, include the following: 130 horsepower and under, stock displacement hulls and engine; 163 horsepower and under, stock hulls and engines; outboards, drivers 12 and under, split into two events for five and one-half and 10 horsepower and under; 325 horsepower and under, 25-footers or better, stock hulls and engines; ladies championship, 200 horsepower and under, stock hulls and engines; Lake Tahoe championship, a free-for-all; cabin runabouts, open to all classes, and bang-and-go-back, open to all classes.

--- August 9, 1951