1951 New Martinsville Regatta


Headed by Sam Griffith, a tost of Miami’s top inboard rasing powerboat drivers left this morning for New Martinsville, W. Va., to compete in the big regatta this weekend.

The skippers who are trailing their craft to the West Viigjnia race with Sam are Marie Lamont, Charley Kittel, Sunny Jones, Lou Nuta, Forest Johnson and Ivan Tarbert.

All the local pilots will be in quest of world records. Grifith, who holds the world mark in the Class E racing runabouts, will also try to better his speed of 71 miles per hour plus.

At least another two dozen boating enthusiasts from this area will make the trip.

Among the drivers already entered are Don Baldaccini, D. C. Keisacker, David Cole, George McNaughton, Vance Jenkins, Al Woodson, Bill Davis, Billy Spinks, Dick Short, Paul Harrison and Koehler.

--- September 26, 1951


Sam Griffith headed a Miami entourage boasting huge "come To Miami” signs which will fly on balloons today and Monday over the West Virginia racing course.

The Miamians will compete in races this afternoon and then several will bid for records in time trials Monday.

Oddly, two of the pilots are women — Nancy Schirmer of Fort Lauderdale and Marie Lamont of Miami. Nancy, a newcomer i« one of the few feminine hydroplane drivers in the country.

She will handle a 135 cubic inch speedster while Mrs. Lamont pilots her D service runabout, Marie’s D.

Male participants at New Martinsville are likely to be Charlie Moyer, Griffith. Charlie Kittel. Forest Johnson, Louis Nuta, Jr., and Ivan Tarbert.

--- September 30, 1951

Miami inboarders are ready

A flock of Miami inboarders are ready for the first heat of the Magnolia Yacht Club's regatta this morning and afternoon at New Martinsville, W. Va. Sunny Jones, Sam Griffith, Charlie Kittel, Louis Nuta, jr„ Forrest Johnson, Ivan Tar-bert and Marie Lamont all will be racing at the huge event.

Griffith, Kittel and Nuta, Jr. will race in the E racing runabout division, while Jones' and Mrs, Lamont will be in the midst of the D Service and Tarbert will try his luck in the tiny Z racing runabout class. Forrest Johnson will race his currently hot Prowler, Jr. in the E Service class.

Johnson, Kittel and Griffith are almost certain to try to up the speed records in their individual classes at the mile trials set for tomorrow. Sam, current holder of the E record, will also try for the class’ competition mark today. Miami’s Dick McGinley and Moyer, a pair of 225 drivers, are also attending the regatta, although they are not racing.

--- September 30, 1951