1952 Detroit Memorial

Powerboat Races Close With Detroit Memorial

1952 Detroit Memorial Programme Guide
1952 Detroit Memorial Programme Guide

The last powerboat race of the season on the Detroit River—the Detroit Memorial—goes tomorrow. First heat runs at 12:45. the second at 2:55, and the third at 5:05.

Six Enter Event

Six of the high-powered unlimited boats are scheduled to enter the silver cup event, one of the leading races in the United States.

The race may turn into a “shakedown” run, preceding the movement of the Detroit boats to Seattle, Wash., for the Gold Cup challenge August 9.

Miss Pepsi, smooth-running boat which walked away easily with her second Maple Leaf win last Saturday, is the favorite. Chuck Thompson drives, and the Dossin brothers, Walter and Roy, own the boat.

Miss Supertest of London and Sarnia is down on the list for entry. With Bill Braden at the wheel, she ran well for part of a lap in the Maple Leaf race in Windsor before the gears stripped.

At that time, Braden said new gears would be installed in time for the Detroit race.

For Gold Cup

There is a possibility Supertest will be trucked to Seattle for the Gold Cup race, but it has been indicated this will depend on her performance in the Silver Cup event.

Jack Schafer’s two boats. Miss Pepsi and Such Crust IV, are down on the silver cup entry list.

The twin-Allison Such Crust III will be driven by Roy Duby, who was at the wheel of Crust IV last Saturday in the Maple Leaf event when that boat exploded in flame.

Such Crust IV, with an Allison engine, will be driven in the silver cup event by Wild Bill Cantrell.

Al Fallon’s Miss Great Lakes II —the boat that ran second in the Maple Leaf—will be entered. Joe

Taggart has been driving this boat.

Joe Schoenith's Gale II, another Detroit boat, may run with Danny Foster at the wheel.

Start, Finish Line

Start and finish line for the race will be at the foot of Burns, near the Whittier Hotel, on Detroit’s mainland.

The course is laid between the mainland and Belle Isle, above the Belle Isle Bridge.

Other classes, including 48, 135, 225. 266 cu. in., and seven litre will run between the unlimited events.

--- July 3, 1952