1953 Indiana Governor's Cup


11-Oct 3 Mile Course
Ohio River 15 Mile Heat
Madison, Indiana 15 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Race
1 G-11 Ollie's Folly Oliver Elam
2 G-88 It's A Wonder George Davis
3 H-90 Gangway B.G. Bartley Sr.
4 H-40 Wildcatter (2) B.G. Bartley Sr.


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1 Wildcatter B.G. Bartley Jr. 400 71.559
2 Ollie's Folly Ralph Ashcroft 300
3 It's A Wonder George Davis 225
4 Gangway B.G. Bartley Sr. DNF


[Statistics from Greene, V.1]

Multi-class event that consisted of a single heat and didn't count for APBA National High Points.