1953 Presidents Cup

Size of Presidents Cup Field Keeps Regatta Fans Guessing

By Malcolm Lamborne, Jr.

The annual guessing game on how many unlimited hydroplanes — Gold Cup boats — will be starting at 5 p.m. Saturday in the opening heat of the Presidents Cup is in full swing, abound at regatta headquarters at the Willard Hotel.

The conservative element at the moment is speaking in terms of six boats. Others insist there will be nine and maybe 10 Gold Cup racers on hand.

Probably somewhere between the two lies the starting field for the big show off Hains Point Saturday and Sunday. The program opens each day at noon. Outboards race the first day, climaxed by the first heat for the Gold Cuppers. Inboards take over Sunday, including President’s Cup heats at 2:20 p.m and 5 p.m

Here are the prospective entries:

Joseph Schoenith’s Gale II. George Simons’ new Miss United States [Miss U.S.], Albin Fallon’s Miss Great Lakes II, Jack Schafer’s Such Crust III and Such Crust V, Stanley Sayres’ Slo-Mo-Shun V, an unnamed and untried boat of Horace Dodge, Frank Salle, jr.’s Miss Wayne and Guy Lombardo’s Tempo VI.

The last three boats may be put in the doubtful column, although regatta headquarters heard this week from Saile, who said he hopes to make it.

Race Chairman Bill Rogers talked with Lombardo at Red Bank, N.J., Monday, and Lombardo said he would send his veteran campaigner. Vice Chairman Horace Walker got a telegram from Dodge, too.

Lombardo won’t be driving. His dance band will be playing elsewhere and the maestro will be with it.

--- September 16, 1953