1953 Red Bank Regatta

Red Bank Regatta Saturday, Sunday

Two Days Will See 36 Races Run In Speedboat Classic

During the coming week-end the scene in national speedboat racing moves eastward for Red Bank's 21st annual regatta on the Navesink River known as the National Sweepstakes Cham pionship. As usual this will probably attract more inboards and outboards than any other regatta of the season. Last year 223 skimmed across the starting line, the big craft using the two and one-half mile oval that has been regarded by many pilots as the fastest sea level speed boat course In America with its wide turns on these landlocked waters. It is second only to the below sea level course at Salton Sea. Cal.

The Red Bank program, constantly being modified and expanded with the inclusion of racing categories, tentatively calls for eighteen heats Saturday beginning at 11:40 a m. and eighteen Sunday beginning at the same time. The feature will be the National Sweepstakes Championship, calling for two 10 mile heats on Saturday and the third and final on Sunday for inboards up to and including the unllmlteds. Most of the same racing fleet In this feature event also competes In the two 10 mile heats, one on Saturday and one on Sunday; for the Red Bank Gold Cup.

A race will be held every 20 minutes, starting on the split second. Saturday's events include two heats each of the A.C and M outboards. D Stock Hydroplane Outboards. 48 Cu. In. Runabouts, 48, 136 and 266 Cu. In. Hydroplanes and the first heat each of the National Sweepstakes and Red Bank Gold Cup events for unlimited boats. Events on Sunday Include B and F Outboards, C Service Outboard Runabouts, C Stock Hydroplane Outboards, Jersey Speedskiffs, 135 and 225 Cu. In. Hydroplanes and the final heats of the National Sweepstakes and Red Bank Gold Cup races.

Whereas, no regatta stands or falls on a single boat, Red Bankers want Stan Sayres Slo-mo-shun V to move from Detroit after last Sunday’s Silver Cup race to Red Bank by Saturday, and they also arg laying out the red carpet for the superpowered unlimited Such Crust, Miss Great Lakes, Gale II. Miss U.S.. Etta, and Miss Supertest, owned by the headliners of the' speed boating fraternity: Jack Schafer. Albin Fallon, Joseph Schoenlth. George Simon. George Sarant and Col. Harold Thompson respectively.

Unlike other regattas, which are sponsored by a single chamber of commerce or perhaps a single Lions Club, the Red Bank show has become a matter of community, pride. The nearby Monmouth Jockey Club's horse racing track in Oceanport appropriated $3500 toward the expenses. Not one luncheon club, but all three, Lions, Rotary and Klwanls, will guarantee any deficit. Volunteer fire companies, posts of the American Legion. Boy Scouts and nearly everyone play a part In the Red Bank extravaganza.

Rear Commodore Alfred J. Lippman, ot Shrewsbury, has received word that President Adolio Ruiz Cortines, of Mexico, is sending by special courier a trophy for the Sweepstakes race meet. For a number of years this regatta has been of Interest to Mexicans and Commodore Lippman has been the intermediary for the receipt of valuable prizes by two previous Mexican presidents. M. Avila Camacho, who started the custom in 1946. and Miguel Aleman. who continued it.

--- September 10, 1953