1954 Lake Tahoe Championship

Tahoe Yacht Club Regatta Set July 25th at Chambers

TAHOE CITY, July 9. (Special to the Journal)—July 25 has been set as date for the annual Tahoe Yacht Club Regatta, to be held at Chambers Lodge. Annual luncheon and election of officers for the following year will be held the day before, July 24, at Chambers.

Events in the regatta will begin at 9:30 a.m., with all but two events for members of the Tahoe Yacht Club only. The Commodore's Cup will be awarded at the end of the day to the boat that has piled up the most points. Trophies currently are on display at Chambers Lodge.

Listed on the program of events are: 115 HP and under, stock displacement hulls and engines; 5½ HP and under, for drivers not more than 12 years of age, and 10 HP and under, for racers not more than 16, to be run concurrently; 130 HP and under, stock displacement hulls and engines; 160 HP and under, Chris-Crafts only, stock displacement hulls and engines.

Also: 165 HP and under, stock displacement hulls; ladies championship race (two to be run simultaneously) 200 HP and under and 130 HP and under, stock displacement hulls and engines; 25-foot and longer, stock displacement hulls—no hydroplanes; three-lap Lake Tahoe Championship, hydroplanes only; relay race—no hydroplanes; bang and go back—no hydroplanes or outboards.

Officers in charge of this year's regatta include George Merriam Lewis, commodore of the Lake Tahoe Yacht Club; Vice Commodore R. Randolph Walker, and Rear Commodore Lowell Berry. Clark Hall is chairman of the regatta committee.

--- Nevada State Journal, July 10, 1954