1955 Indiana Governor's Cup

7 More Entries Received For Madison Regatta

1955 Indiana Governor's Cup Programme Guide
1955 Indiana Governor's Cup Programme Guide

MADISON. Ind. (AP) — Entries of seven unlimited hydroplanes today in Ihe eighth annual Madison Regatta Saturday and Sunday will force three extra heats if all of the Gold Cup class boats actually reach the Ohio River course.

The program, last of the season for the 190-mile-per-hour hydroplanes, had been set up for single heats each day for the giants. It also includes 13 other classes of boats, with about 200 outboards running Saturday and around 100 inboards Sunday.

Tempo VII, owned by orchestra leader Guy Lombardo and piloted by Danny Foster of Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich, has a chance to win the season's unlimited championship in the Indiana Governor’s Cup race.

Foster has won three major races in a row, including the International Cup Regatta last Sunday at Elizabeth City, N.C. Tempo VII now has 1,369 points to the 1,750 of Gale V, owned by Joseph Schoenith of Detroit and driven by his son Lee.

— The Call Leader, October 4, 1955