1955 Lake Tahoe Championship

2 Kaiser Boats, Another Sink In Regatta At Tahoe

Homewood, Lake Tahoe — (AP) — Three boats sank yesterday during the running of the Lake Tahoe Yacht Club's annual regatta. All were recovered, however.

Two were owned by industrialist Henry Kaiser and the other by Reno hotelman Charles Mapes.

Collide On Turn

Mapes' 21 foot Gloria M II and Kaiser's 18 foot Stardust went down after they collided on a turn in the women’s championship event in the over 200 horsepower class.

Mapes and his sister. Gloria, who was piloting their boat, were rescued from the water, along with Helen Garfield and Charles Besotes of Stockton, who were handling the Kaiser craft. Miss Mapes suffered a slight injury to the foot. Marian Moore of Tahoe City won the event in Undecided.” She also won the other women's 131 horsepower championship in Letts Gatoo.

Piedmont Boat Wins

The main event, the hydroplane championship, was captured by Fred Schmidt in Breathless, owned by J. Murphy of Piedmont. Ed Lane of Piedmont piloted his Hurricane to second place, followed by Kaiser’s Restless with Kenneth St. Ogger of Glendale at the controls.

Fourth place went to Morgan Keaton in War Paint, owned by Paul Skaglan of San Francisco.

Kaiser's Ruthless quit during the race and a part of its engine flew through the hull. The craft later sank at its dock but was towed up on the beach.

Cup To Stockton Man

Boats owned by Lowell Perry of Stockton amassed the most points to win him the commodore cup. His 28 foot, 316 horsepower Shooting Star won first place in the non hydroplane main event.

Before its accident. Mapes' Gloria M II won the 285 horsepower event for boats with stock hulls. The Teepee Time II owned by Tony Costa of Stockton won the supercharger event in the same class.

--- July 25, 1955