1956 Copper Cup


19-Aug 2½ Mile Course
Flathead Lake 25 Mile Heats
Polson, Montana 75 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap Race
1 U-37 Miss Seattle (1) Jim Ausland
2 U-88 Miss B&I (1) Bob Gilliam


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1 Miss Seattle Norm Evans 400
2 Miss B&I Bob Gilliam 300
  Heat Two Driver Points Speed
1 Miss B&I Bob Gilliam 400
2 Miss Seattle Norm Evans 300
  Heat Three Driver Points Speed
1 Miss Seattle Norm Evans Cancelled
2 Miss B&I Bob Gilliam Cancelled


  Recapitulation Heat 1 Heat 2 Cum. Heat 3 Total
1 Miss B&I 300 400 700 Can 700
2 Miss Seattle 400 300 700 Can 700


Miss Seattle easily defeated Miss B&I in the first heat as the Tacoma, Washington entry was steaming smoke after the first lap. In the second heat Miss Seattle developed engine trouble and slogged across the finish line to get 300 points. In the first heat Miss B&I finished 10 seconds behind Miss Seattle. This bettered the U-37's performance in the second heat and Miss B&I won the regatta on elapsed time when neither entry was able to appear for the final heat.

Such boats as Miss Thriftway, Slo-mo-shun IV and Miss Wahoo were expected to attend the regatta. Miss Wahoo was a curious entry since she did not go east for the Gold Cup. There were even rumors that the defending champion Tempo VII would attend the race, but at the time Tempo VII was in Detroit in a condition that dissuaded her potential buyers the Bartleys of Pittsburgh.)

[Statistics and comments from Greene, V.1]