1956 Mapes Mile-High Gold Cup

Gold Cup Races Set for July 7

Tahoe City, June 18.—A field of more than sixty-five limited boats and six unlimited hydroplanes is assured for the fourth annual Mile High Mapes Gold Cup races to be held July 7, Race Manager Fred Main said today.

--- June 18, 1956

Fred Main, boat race chairman for the Lake Tahoe Sierra Chamber of Commerce, says many of the fastest inboard racing boats on the coast will be here to compete on July 7th in the fourth annual Mile High Gold Cup races which will be held this time off Chambers Lodge Pier.

Main considers this the best racing course on the lake, being about half way between North and South Tahoe, and being protected by jutting land points from the wind, it consequently has less rough water.

Main said that six owners of Unlimited hydroplanes have already filed application for entry of their boats. These high powered unlimiteds will compete for the Mapes Gold Cup trophy which was won last year by J. Philip Murphy's “Breathless." He said the Breathless will race again this year, and also Henry J. Kaiser's Scooter Too and Hawaiian Village.

Other fast boats entered are Willard Rhodes' "Miss Thirftway," W. J. Waggoners Shanty I, and Rebel Suh [now Maverick (1)], formerly owned by Ted Jones. He said it is also hoped that the once famous Slo-Mo-Shun V [renamed Miss Seattle], which was damaged in last year's qualifying runs, will be ready in time to race on Tahoe this time. The July date has been approved by the American Power Boat Association. The APBA sanction means that all winners will receive points toward the 1956 National Class Championships.