1957 Sahara Cup

Miss Wahoo in Sahara Race

Miss Wahoo
Miss Wahoo

Las Vegas, Oct. 3 (UP) — Miss Wahoo, the Seattle unlimited hydroplane owned by airplane magnate Bill Boeing and driven by Mira Slovak, today was entered in the second annual Sahara Cup Races on nearby Lake Mead Oct. 12-13.

Miss Wahoo ranks second in the national standings behind the defending Sahara Cup champion, Hawaii Kai III, another Seattle-based Gold Cupper. More than 10 unlimited hydroplanes are expected to compete in the Sahara Cup Races.

Slovak, 27-year-old Czechoslovakian refugee, is one of the most colorful drivers in the sport. He escaped from behind the Iron Curtain only a few years ago in a Czech passenger plane.

— October 3, 1957

Hawaii Kai Clinches Title

Las Vegas, Oct. 3 — Hawaii Kai III, on the strength of four consecutive victories, goes into next week’s second annual Sahara Cup Race with the national hydroplane championship for the year sewed up, according to figures released today by the American Motorboat Association.

By winning the Silver Cup, Presidents Cup, American Motorboat chamionship and last weeks Governor’s Cup, the Kai has rolled up 1994 points and is out of reach of runner-up Miss Wahoo which has 1394. Both are registered out of Seattle.

Virtually all of the nation’s top unlimited hydroplanes will compete in the Sahara Cup. Two of the exceptions are Miss Thriftway and Shanty I. Both were destroyed in recent accidents.

The standings:

Hawaii Kai III, Seattle, 1994;
Miss Wahoo, Seattle, 1394;
Wildroot Charlie, Buffalo, N.Y., 1344;
Miss Thriftway, Seattle, 1225;
Maverick, Seattle, 794;
Miss Wayne, Detroit, 750;
Short Circuit, Detroit, 696;
Shanty I, Seattle, 694;
Miss Supertest, Canada, 569;
Breathless II, Lake Tahoe, 465;
Miss U.S. 1, Detroit, 427;
Such Crust III, Detroit, 400;
Thriftway Too, Seattle, 300.

— October 4, 1957

Slate Trial for Hydroplane Record

Las Vegas, OCt. 5 — Col. Russell Schleeh today asked officials of the second Sahara Cup to set up a measured mile course so he might make a world record mile try in his unlimited hydroplane Maverick.

The trial will be made next Wednesday, according to Schleeh's plans.

— October 5, 1957