1959 Detroit Memorial

4 Seattle Boats Ready for First Detroit Race

By Paul Preuss

The classiest hydroplane field since the 1956 Gold Cup race is on tap for the Detroit River July 4 when Windmill Pointe Yacht Club sponsors its annual Detroit Memorial Regatta.

The WPYC held its kickoff dinner last night and announced the tentative list of boats entered. Owners of such Seattle craft as Miss Thriftway, Maverick, Miss Bardahl and Fascination already have indicated their intentions of traveling to Detroit.

There could be more. Miss Pay-N-Save, winner of the Apple Cup race in Chelan, Wash., earlier this year, is a likely entrant. Hawaii Kai, brought out of retirement in time to win the Gold Cup last year and subsequently sold to an eastern syndicate, is possible starter.

Gales Ready

Detroit is preparing a fleet to repel the western invasion. Joe Schoenith has two Gales ready. The Gale V, equipped with a new supercharged engine, will be driven by Bill Cantrell.

Schoenith has purchased a new twin-engined craft which will be called Gale VI. Schoenith campaigned a Gale VI last year, but the new boat has a slightly refined hull. Fred Alter will be the driver.

Chuck Thompson has Miss Detroit ready. The boat has been impressive in tests thus far with Thompson getting a reported 4,200 rpm out of his Allison engine.

Miss U.S. Ready

George Simon will have his Miss U.S. set to go with Don Wilson piloting. Miss U.S. was the only boat to travel to Washington for the Apple Cup. It placed second in a pair of heats, but rough water held down the performance of all boats.

Bud Saile will drive Jack Schafer’s Such Crust III. The big twin-engined boat has been plagued with gear box trouble in the past, but Schafer reported last night that the boat was ready for a big year.

To help raise the estimate $24,000 it will cost to sponsor the three unlimited regattas on the Detroit River this year, a new fund-raising plan has been inaugurated.

How to Be Admiral

In place of the booster button campaigns or recent years, the, joint fund raising committee of the Detroit International Regatta Association has instituted a Four Star Admiral plan.

Interested race fans who send a dollar to Race Boat, Detroit 15, Mich., will receive a lapel pin with four gold stars mounted on a field of blue and a wallet-sized card which makes them a Four Star Admiral in the Fleet of Good Sportsmen.

Another innovation to raise funds this year is the decision to sell choice seats at the foot of Parkview for a donation. Windmill Pointe and a number of east side boat dealers will handle the sale of seats.

(Reprinted from the Detroit News, June 1959)