1959 Diamond Cup

Diamonds Aren't Forever [1959]


Duplicating the feat of her predecessor, the new Waggoner U-00 Maverick and driver Bill Stead captured this accident-marred contest. The first two heats were run on Saturday. Bill Muncey and Miss Thriftway won Heat 1-A in a thriller over Jack Regas and Miss Bardahl. In Heat 1-B Maverick won over Miss U.S. 1, driven by Don Wilson. In Heat 2-A Bill Brow's Miss Burien hooked badly, lost a sponson, and sank and the heat was re-run. Heat 2-B went to Brien Wygle aboard Hawaii Kai III who out-dueled Bill Muncey and Miss Thriftway.

Miss Spokane, 1959 Diamond cup, Norm Evans about to be pitched out
Miss Spokane, 1959 Diamond cup, Norm Evans about to be pitched out

In the re-run of Heat 2-A Jack Regas and Miss Bardahl hit a wall of water, and coasted to a stop. The unconscious driver was rushed to a hospital, with a brain concussion, severe facial cuts, and broken ribs. The heat was called a contest on the basis of three laps. Maverick was first, Norm Evans and the Miss Spokane were second, and Nitrogen and Don Dunnington took third. The Final Heat was a battle royale between Miss Thriftway, Maverick, and Miss Spokane. Stead and Muncey held first and second for a lap; then Evans made a devil-may-care move inside and gained the lead. On lap four Miss Spokane caught a sponson, spun out, and Evans was pitched from the cockpit. Red flares caused the heat to be called official on the basis of completion of three laps. Miss Thriftway and Maverick tied with 1000 points each, and a 1.8 second advantage in elapsed time gave Stead his second straight Diamond Cup.

--- Bob Senior