1960 International Trophy

KOL-roy I Ready For Sunday's Buffalo Race

Miss Seattle Hydros May Race Soon

Miss Seattle and Miss Seattle Too are about ready to return to the hydroplane wars.

1960 International Trophy Regatta
1960 International Trophy Regatta

Al Benson announced yesterday that he has registered both boats with the American Power Boat Association looking toward possible future competition. The boats are in racing shape but have entered no competition this year.

Milo Stoen, one of the boats’ owners, said he hopes to enter Miss Seattle Too (the former Pay ’n Save) in the July 24 Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup race and start both boats in Seattle’s Seafair Trophy Race August 7, if he can find some financial backing.

Benson would probably be named to pilot Miss Seattle Too in competition. Dallas Sartz, who drove Miss Seattle in last year’s Gold Cup, is available again this year.

Bob Gilliam, owner-driver of KOL-roy I, reported from Buffalo yesterday that five other boats are at the site of Sunday’s International Sweepstakes. They are Miss Buffalo, Thunderbolt, Miss Supertest II and the two Nitrogens. Also expected are Gale V, Yeller Jacket and Miss U.S. I.

Latest Harmsworth standing released by the Yachtsmen’s Association of America lists Nitrogen first with 2,1 226.29 points, followed by KOL-roy I with 1,081.63 and Miss Burien, with 918.23, Since the standings are based on a boat’s best two races, the outlook can change completely overnight.

--- July 2, 1960