1962 Indiana Governor's Cup

C-21 Seeks Third Win At Madison

1962 Indiana Governor's Cup Program

MADISON, Ind., Aug. 29. — (AP) — Possibly a half-dozen huge aircraft engine-powered speedboats will fest the Ohio River course tomorrow in first warmups for the Governor’s Cup Race for unlimited hydroplanes, Saturday and Sunday.

Crews arriving with their boats today found the river flow, clear and without debris, a situation which coUld produce speeds better than Bill Muncey’s five-year-old heat record of 112.312 miles an hour.

Muncey, of Seattle, set the record in Miss Thriftway, which has campaigned the last two seasons as Miss Century 21 and has won the three major races this season for the unlimited—the Diamond Cup, the Gold Cup and the Spirit of Detroit.

Miss Century 21 was one of the early arrivals, along with a Reno boat, Tahoe Miss, driven by Russ Schleeh; community:owned Miss Madison, driven by Marion Cooper of' Louisville, and Miss Bardahl, another Seattle boat which was involved in a dispute at Detroit as a result of a late start. Miss Bardahl was later withdrawn from that race.

Several more of the probably 15 entrants were expected overnight .but Muncey and Schleeh figured to make the first test runs. Muncey with a chance to retire the Governor's Cup with a third victory,.especially eager.

--- August 29, 1962