1967 British Columbia Cup

Kelowna, B.C., Going Hydro Happy

KELOWNA, B.C. (CP) -- Four unlimited class hydroplanes yesterday qualified for tomorrow's second running of the British Columbia Cup.

The top run of the day was by Wayfarers' Club Lady, driven by Jim McCormick of Owensboro, Ky., who hurtled the 30-foot boat over the 2.5-mile Okanagan Lake course at an average speed of 112.782 miles an hour, a course record. Second fastest boat Thursday was Miss U.S., driven by veteran Bill Muncey of Seattle, at 111.940 miles an hour.

McCormick won $300 for the top lap speed of the day for the second day running. Wednesday, he piloted the boat around the course at 107.143 miles an hour to qualify for Saturday's big race.

Mike Thomas of Harvey Cedars, N.J., qualified Miss Budweiser when he guided the hydro around the course at an average speed of 105.634 miles an hour.

Muncey and Thomas picked up second and third-place day money of $200 and $100, respectively.

Two others to qualify were My Gypsy and Savair's Mist.

My Gypsy was qualified by Ed O'Halloran with a speed of 100.416 miles an hour. Walter Kade, 63-year-old veteran of the hydroplane circuit, qualified Savair's Mist at 95.137 miles an hour.

McCormick was particularly satisfied with his run that close to breaking a world record for a 2.5-mile course.

"I never knew what Muncey's time was when I went out onto the course," he said.

"All I was going for was second-place money for the day."

Two other boats are expected to arrive today. They are Parco's O-Ring Miss and The Dutchman, a boat sponsored by the community of Oak Harbor, Wash.

Miss Bardahl, driven by Billy Schumacher; Hilton's Hy-Per-Lube, driven by Bob Gilliam, and Chrysler Crew, driven by Mira Slovak, qualified Wednesday with McCormick.

(Reprinted from the Seattle P-I August 18, 1967)