1967 Sacramento Cup

Miss Bardahl Captures Unlimited Hydro Crown

Sacramento, Calif., Sept. 17 [1967] (AP) — Miss Budweiser won the cup, but Miss Bardahl captured top honors today in the $25,000 Sacramento Cup race for unlimited hydroplanes.

Miss Budweiser gained the cup by winning the final heat. However, Miss Bardahl, with Billy Schumacher at the helm, won the national championship. She averaged 98.79 miles an hour as she took the first two heats and placed second in the final to clinch the crown.

Final standings
1 U-40 Miss Bardahl (5)
2 U-12 Miss Budweiser (5)
3 U-77 Miss Chrysler Crew
4 U-2 Miss U.S. (3)
5 U-19 Wayfarers Club Lady
6 U-8 O-Ring Miss
7 U-88 Hilton Hy-Per-Lube
8 U-10 Savair's Mist
9 U-22 Atlas Van Lines (1)
10 U-15 My Gypsy
11 U-50 Savair's Probe
DNF U-9 Miss Lapeer
DNF U-21 Miss Eagle Electric (2)


(From the Associated Press)