1975 Weisfield's Trophy

Pay 'N Pak Wins At San Diego...Clinches Third National Title

George Henley drove Dave Heerensperger's Pay 'N Pak to victory in the Weisfield’s Trophy Race on San Diego’s Mission Bay September 21 and, in so doing, gained enough points to earn the Pak team its third consecutive national championship. Les Rosenberg’s Weisfield’s driven by Billy Schumacher, broke an oil line in heat 2-A and dropped from contention for the race and the national crown. Nonetheless, Schumacher picked up enough marks during the season to win the ’75 driving championship. Henley did not compete in the year’s first two events, and finished in third as a driver behind Milner Irvin of the Lincoln Thrift.

The win at San Diego was the Pak's fifth win of the season, and her 16th career victory in three years. That makes her the winningest Unlimited in the sport’s history.

Here’s how it went at San Diego:

1-A 1. U-12 Miss Budweiser, Mickey Remund 109.117 Mph
  2. U-6 Hamm’s Bear, Jerry Bangs 94.399
  3. U-80 Miss Van's P-X, Jack Schafer, Jr. 83.634
    U-71 Atlas Van Lines, Bill Muncey Dnf
    U-2 Miss U.S., Tom D'eath Withdrew
1-B 1. U-1 Pay 'N Pak, George Henley 116.099
  2. U-74 Weisfield's, Billy Schumacher 115.920
  3. U-55 Lincoln Thrift, Milner Irvin 99.756
  4. U-64 Miss Vernors, Bob Miller 96.962
  5. U-22 Sunny Jim, Tom Martin 82.433
2-A 1. Miss Budweiser 106.820
  2. Miss Vernors 96.154
  3. Sunny Jim 86.772
    Weisfield's Dnf
    Miss Van's P-X Dns
2-B 1. Pay 'N Pak 113.065
  2. Lincoln Thrift 113.009
  3. Hamm's Bear 95.137
    Atlas Van Lines Dnf
Final Heat 1. Pay 'N Pak 111.414
  2. Miss Budweiser 111.134
  3. Lincoln Thrift 98.663
  4. Hamm's Bear 93.770
  5. Sunny Jim 85.698
    Miss Vernor's Dnf


Final Standings
1. Pay 'N Pak 1200
2. Miss Budweiser 1100
3. Lincoln Thrift 750
4. Hamm's Bear 694
5. Sunny Jim 479
6. Miss Vernor's 469
7. Weisfield's 300
8. Miss Van's P-X 225
Atlas Van Lines 000
Miss U.S. 000
U-4 Oh Boy! Oberto Dnq


— Unlimiteds Detroit