1984 Budweiser APBA Gold Cup

Things Get Sticky But Hanauer Wins Gold Cup Again With Atlas

Associated Press

Kennewick, Wash. — Chip Hanauer, kicking a sticking steering wheel with his knee through the turns, drove Atlas Van Lines to his third Gold Cup unlimited hydroplane victory yesterday on the Columbia River at the Tri-Cities.

Hanauer, of Seattle, won the winner-take-all final heat at an average speed of 130.866 mph. Second place overall went to George Johnson of Seattle, driver of Executone, with 116.618 mph, and third went to Milner Irvin of Coral Gables, Fla., driver of Miss Renault, with an average speed of 114.289 mph.

The Squire Shop, driven by Mickey Remund of Seattle, did not finish, but was awarded fourth place overall, based on distance traveled in the final heat.

During one of the elimination heats, Hanauer set a one-lap record of 137.762 mph around the 2½-mile course. It was the fastest competition lap ever run in unlimited hydroplane racing.

Hanauer also won the Gold Cup in 1982 in Detroit and 1983 in Evansville, Ind. The Gold Cup is the premier race on the unlimited-hydro circuit, and each year goes to the city that puts in the highest bid.

In the final heat, The Squire Shop jumped into the lead at the start, with Miss Budweiser second and Atlas Van Lines third.

Miss Budweiser, driven by Jim Kropfeld of Cincinnati, was later disqualified because judges said it cut off Miss Tosti Asti as the boats were lining up for the start.

Miss Tosti Asti, driven by Steve Reynolds of Kirkland, Wash., went over the Bud’s rooster tail — the powerful blast of water off the propeller — and went dead in the water. The water broke the windshield and tore up the cockpit. The visor was ripped off Reynolds' helmet, but he was not injured.

The Squire Shop held the lead for three laps, challenged by Atlas. But then it went dead in the water with engine problems, and Hanauer was unopposed the rest of the way.

But Hanauer said it was not easy winning his $9,265.

First, he said, he had to maneuver around the stricken Tosti Asti at the start. Then, the steering started to lock up and Hanauer had to keep hitting the steering wheel with his knee through the turns.

(Reprinted from the Associated Press)