1985 Greater Oklahoma Thunderboat Classic

Reynolds Top Qualifier For Oklahoma Hydro Race

OKLAHOMA CITY _ Steve Reynolds, knocked out of Gold Cup contention when Miss 7-Eleven blew a gear-box coupler in the final heat three weeks ago in Seattle, was the top qualifier for today's Greater Oklahoma City Thunderboat Classic.

Despite pesky winds, Reynolds pushed Miss 7-Eleven around the 2½-mile Lake Overholser course at 137.405 miles an hour yesterday.

That was more than 2 mph faster than Chip Hanauer, the No. 2 qualifier.

Hanauer, who won his fourth straight Gold Cup Aug 4., qualified Miller American at 135.379.

American Speedy Printing, Jackie Cooper-Cellular One and Coors Light Silver Bullet also qualified yesterday, upping the field to eight for today's race.

Miss Budweiser and Executone Telephone, which qualified Friday along with Oh Boy! Oberto, increased their official speeds yesterday.

Jim Kropfeld boosted Budweiser's qualifying figure to 133.156, third on the list. Scott Pierce piloted Executone to a lap of 122.951.

Bob Gilliam, driver of Domino's Pizza, and Ron Snyder of Jim Grader's U-33 will have another chance to qualify before today's opening heat.


1. Miss 7-Eleven, Steve Reynolds, 137.405 mph; 2. Miller American, Chip Hanauer, 135.379; 3. Miss Budweiser, Jim Kropfeld, 133.156; 4. Executone Telephone, Scott Pierce, 122.951; 5. American Speedy Printing, Andy Coker, 113.651; 6. Jackie Cooper Enterprises-Cellular One, Todd Yarling, 111.899; 7. Oh Boy! Oberto, Jerry Hopp, 106.471; 8. Coors Light Silver Bullet, Mitch Evans, 106.458.

Still to qualify -- Domino's Pizza, Bob Gilliam; Jim Grader's U-33, Ron Snyder.

Today's draw

Heat 1A -- American Speedy Printing, Miller American, Jackie Cooper Enterprises-Cellular One, Executone Telephone.

Heat 1B -- Miss Budweiser, Oh Boy! Oberto, Coors Light Silver Bullet, Miss 7-Eleven.

If Domino's Pizza and/or U-33 qualify today, the fastest boat will run in Heat 1A, the other in 1B.


(Reprinted from the Seattle Times, August 25, 1985)