1991 Season Summary


0. November 11 [1990] Outrigger Top Gun Hydrofest [1991 Season] Honolulu, Hawaii
1. June 8-9 Budweiser APBA Gold Cup Detroit, Michigan
2. June 30 Budweiser Thunder on The Ohio Evansville, Indiana
3. July 7 Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup Madison, Indiana
4. July 28 Budweiser Columbia Cup Pasco, Washington
5. August 4 Seafair Rainier Cup Seattle, Washington
6. September 15 Budweiser Mission Bay Cup San Diego, California
7. October 27 Outrigger Top Gun Hydrofest Honolulu, Hawaii


  Winner Crew Chief Designer Builder Engine Course Dist.
11/11/90 Miss Budweiser Ron Brown Brown-Jones Ron Brown Lycoming 2 Miles  
6/9 Winston Eagle (3) Jim Lucero Lucero-Jones Lucero-Jones Lycoming 2½ Miles 52½ Mi.
6/30 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 30 Mile
7/7 American Spirit Ron Jones Jr. Lucero-Jones Lucero-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Mile
7/28 Winston Eagle (3) Jim Lucero Lucero-Jones Lucero-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Mile
8/4 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 30 Mile
9/15 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 2½ Miles 35 Mile
10/27 Winston Eagle (3) Jim Lucero Lucero-Jones Lucero-Jones Lycoming 2½ Miles 35 Mile


  Built Boat High Points [1990] Total Team High Points
1. (1987) Winston Eagle (3)   3669 (2-3768)
2. (1987) Miss Budweiser (17)   3082 (1-4048)
3. (1988) Ultra Bold Dash 338 2273 (3)
4. (1982) Miss T-Plus 363 2038 (4)
5. (1988) Valvoline Miss Madison 57 1816 (5)
6. (1984) American Spirit   1754 (6)
7. (1989) Miss Budweiser (18) 560 966  
8. (1988) Oh Boy! Oberto Pork (2)   963 (7)
9. (1990) Miss KPOI Gaylords Kauai 182 506 (8)
10. (1979) Gaylord's Too DNQ 326 (9)
11. (1983) Rutt Enterprises Racing   221 (10)
12. (1980) Miss Northwest 127 127 (11)
13. (1984) Winston Eagle (1) 99 99  
14. (1988) BASF Unlimiteds Detroit   66 (12)
15. (1984) Oh Boy! Oberto Pork (1)   40 (13)
16. (1984) Miss Rock KISW-FM (4)   000 (14)
17. (1985) Miss Ginger Honey   DNQ (15)


  Driver High Points [1990] Total**
1. Mark Tate 363 403*
2. Scott Pierce   348*
3. George Woods 338 227*
4. Steve David 182 185*
5. Mike Hanson 57 181*
6. Mark Evans   175*
7. Mitch Evans   96*
8. Tom D'Eath 560 56*
9. Jerry Hopp 127 45*
10. Ken Muscatel   32*
11. Larry Lauterbach   19*
12. Jim Kropfeld 99 9*
13. Jack Schafer   6*
14. Mike Eacrett   4*
15. Todd Yarling   2*
16. Jack Barrie   00*

** Final digit missing; correction needed


1. Miller American (2), Miller High Life (2), Miss Circus Circus (4)
3. Mr. Pringles (2), Executone (4), Ellis Park, Super Range Golf
4. Atlas Van Lines (10), Spirit of America, Squire Shop (4), Oh Boy! Oberto (6), The Brake Shop, Arc Construction (3), Harvey Motor Sports
5. Holset Miss Madison (2), Holset Miss Mazda, Gaylords At Kilohana, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
6. Atlas Van Lines (11), Miller American (1), Miller High Life (1), Miss Circus Circus (5)
8. Risley's, Seaco Aviation Fuels (2), Holset Miss Madison (3), Miss D.O.C. (2), Miss Chiro Choice, Miss Meta Lax, Oberto Wild Waves, Cooper's Express, Oh Boy! Oberto Beef
9. ARC Construction Special, Easter Seals, Jackpot Food Mart (2), Miss KPOI
10. Squire Shop (2), Tri-Cities Savings & Loan, Miss Crown Nissan, U-33, Handyman Home Centers, Riggin's Crab House, Horizon Air, Knight & Carver Yacht Center, Miss Nevada Palace, Miss Jackpot Food Mart, Miss Jackpot Garrett Turbo, Jackpot Food Mart, Miss Expert Automotive, Miss Paddock Pools, Miss Mid-Mark (2), Nevada Palace, Garrett Turbo, Thor Racing, Miss Sundek, Miss Go Bowling, Marshall And The Lady
11. Miss Renault, Edge Superior Performer, Edge/Hunan Harbor
12. Miss Budweiser (12), Kenney Toyota (3), Pietro Pizza (2)
13. Miss Tosti Asti (2), Miss 7-Eleven, Cellular One (2), Competition Specialties, Vantage Ultra
14. Miss Stroh Light, Boss Marine Sports, Sundek (1), Infinity Car Audio, Unlimited Marine Racing, Miss Wellness Plan, Miss Motorcraft, Ms. Clothestime
15. Executone (3), Mr. Pringles (1), Risley's (2), U.S. West Cellular, U-24
16. Miss Crab Legs, Miss Mid-Mark (1)
17. Miss Budweiser (15)



Over the winter of 1990-91 there was a major upheaval in the rules - perhaps the biggest in history. Most important clock starts were to be replaced by flag starts except for the Gold Cup.

Under the new starting procedure there would be a draw for lanes and the start would not occur until the entries were virtually even at the line. The thought was this would appeal to those drawn to other forms of motor racing - specifically auto racing.

Also a new version of the Fan Plan was unveiled. The Fan Plan was first tried in the 1970's and then again in the 80's in a slightly different format. In the 1990's version the top three entries from the fast flight would combine with the top two from the slow flight and the winner of the last chance heat to form the field for the winner-take-all championship heat's front row. The second place finisher from the last chance heat would be a trailer.

In addition the testing-qualification period was set up so there would be a specific block of time for qualifications during the two days preceeding the race. This was not only for the benefit of the fans but also the press so that they could count on an action packed session if they showed up at the appointed time. Qualification points to the extent of 10% of those awarded for the final heat would be credited toward the High Point Championship

Moreover, only 10% points would be awarded for the preliminary heats. The fast flight would get the full 10% points, but the slower flight winner would only get third place 10% points and on down for the other finishers.

Unfortunately five race sites were lost between 1990 and 1991. Adding to the problem Unlimited Racing lost two of its four major sponsors not to mention the retirement of Chip Hanauer to auto racing leaving only Tom D'Eath and Jim Kropfeld as top of the line chauffeurs. D'Eath broke his neck shortly before the season began and Kropfeld was released by Winston Eagle.

Scott Pierce, who had driven for Bernie Little in 1982 and 1986 in addition to being back up for 1990, got the Budweiser seat. Pierce had won four races since 1984, but had backed into these victories when faster entries failed in front of him. He was good at High Point finishes taking second place in 1985 and 1988.

Mark Tate got the Circus Circus-Winston Eagle seat. Tate was a Hall of Champions limited driver and impressed while piloting Oh Boy! Oberto in 1990.

For the first time since 1949 the Gold Cup started out the season at Detroit. The Schoenith Plan would be run for the first time. The regatta would go 52½ miles instead of 60 as a result of two 7½ mile heats and three 12½ mile heats.

The 1987 Miss Budweiser and Winston Eagle met twice in the preliminaries with each taking a heat. Winston Eagle had some engine trouble in her other elimination contests and thus was the disfavored entry in comparison to Budweiser entering the championship heat.

Miss Budweiser got in front in the final confrontation, but jumped the gun. Nevertheless Budweiser and Winston went at it hammer and tong for three laps with Budweiser holding a slender advantage. Then the Anheuser-Busch entry nearly hooked in the fourth lap and Winston Eagle was the Gold Cup champion.

Each driver knew that Budweiser had beaten the clock. Winston raced to see how they would match up with the Bernie Little entry in future events. Budweiser raced until the fourth lap because they wanted to prove that they were better than Winston.

The new format got its first test at Evansville, Indiana, Miss Budweiser won her first confrontation with Winston Eagle, however she made a bad start in their second meeting and Winston Eagle had the victory. Bud driver Scott Pierce made up for it in the final by getting off first and leading all the way. Winston got close in lap four and Budweiser hurried away.

The Hughes Plan version of the new format was utilized at Madison. Winston Eagle was defeated by Budweiser three times in the preliminary heats although she came close twice getting doused by the Bernie Little entry's roostertail the third time. Winston Eagle led all the way in the final heat, but was penalized for running over the top of Miss Budweiser. Mark Tate said he was blinded by the sun. The Budweiser was disabled and ran fifth to the winning American Spirit.

The American Spirit was the former four time Gold Cup winning Atlas Van Lines-Miller American with new Ron Jones sponsons leased by Jones Jr. from Steve Woomer.

After their 1987 boat was damaged at Madison, Budweiser brought out their 1989 hull for the Tri-Cities. Winston Eagle took a shortened final heat due to the flip of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes from an again damaged Miss Budweiser. The Bud had been compromised before the championship confrontation when she was chopped by Winston Eagle prior to the start of heat 2-A. Winston did however beat a whole Budweiser in 1-A.

Budweiser returned to their 1987 hull for Seattle's Seafair. Winston defeated the #1 Miss Budweiser twice in the elimination heats. Nevertheless in the final the Bernie Little entry got the jump on the field at the start from way out in lane five and led Winston Eagle, on the inside, all five laps. Winston was only two seconds back at the finish in an exciting heat after Budweiser was slowed due to a chipped propeller.

At San Diego Budweiser and Winston met three times before the championship heat. Each conked out in one heat, but Winston won the match up in heat 3-A. However in the final as at Seattle Miss Budweiser proved superior and was in front by six seconds at the finish.

Heading into the last race of the year at Honolulu Winston was 400 points behind Budweiser. This was a considerable margin unlike previous seasons since only 10% points were awarded in the elimination heats.

In Hawaii Winston Eagle beat Budweiser in all four heats to win the Outrigger Top Gun Hydrofest. For most intents and purposes Miss Budweiser could only lose the High Point Championship by either not making the championship heat or not scoring a point in it. Budweiser got their World Championship for the High Points and Winston tied them for victories during the calendar year.

[Statistics from Greene, V.2]