1995 Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup


MADISON (July 2) -- Transplanting themselves farther up the Ohio River, over near the eastern boundary of Indiana, the unlimited crews welcomed another visit to the always friendly community of 13,000. As popular a stop as there is on the entire tour, Madison also doubles as the only city to own and race its own hydroplane, this time around dubbed the Miss Jasper Engines & Transmissions. Imagine the roars of approval from the crowded beach when driver Mike Hanson powered home ahead (of Muscatel's miraculously repaired craft, no less) in Heat 1-A.

The start of Heat 1-B put everyone's heart in their throat, however, as Steve David's T-PLUS -- racing for the lead on the outside of Miss Budweiser and the Smokin' Joe's -- blew over backwards at the end of the front straight. David, fortunately, was protected by the safety capsule and suffered minor harm -- as opposed to the boat, which underwent another extensive repair job before the race in Texas two weeks later.

Miss Budweiser, with Mark Evans still at the wheel of the two-winged "Turbine-4" hull (never before raced, it was in the stead of the severely damaged T-3 that has been sent back to Seattle for repair) won the re-start and the next two preliminary heats . . . looking for all the world as though it would come away with another Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup. But the same fate, more or less, befell this hull that had befallen its sister ship in Evansville -- it came undone in the final, losing its wing and spinning out in the first turn. And when Evans got it restarted, he crossed over in front of Hanson's onrushing Miss Jasper -- and caused it to spin out. Evans and the Bud were disqualified and, yes, here came that Smokin' Joe's again, sailing on ahead of all this consternation for a relatively easy triumph.

Again, the Leland duo -- although both boats were forced to start from trailer positions on the narrow course -- of the PICO American Dream, with Villwock, and the Miss Wellness Plan, with '94 rookie of the year Jimmy King substituting for Evans, ran two-three. Smokin' Joe's, in terms of the season high points standings, moved to within 186 points of the Bud.

(Reprinted from the URC Electronic Thunderletter No. 29 September 28, 1995)