UK Kilo Mark

New UK Kilo Mark Set by H1 Unlimited Hydroplane [2012]

Coniston, United Kingdom — On Monday, November 5, J.W. Myers and the Peters & May team set a new H1 Unlimited UIM World Record of 176.110 on the 1 kilometer course on Coniston Water. The new world record makes the Peters & May hydroplane the fastest propeller driven boat ever in the United Kingdom.

“It was great setting a new record in the Peters & May hydroplane today. Our crew has worked hard all season and it feels good that we were rewarded with this record,” said driver JW Myers. The Peters & May driver believes that the smooth conditions prevented the boat from going faster. “The water was smooth as glass which caused the boat to be stickier than we would have preferred”.

On Tuesday, high winds made it impossible to make a high speed run, so Myers did several laps on an oval course to give the British crowd a taste of Unlimited hydroplane racing. The team left Coniston on Wednesday, headed for the HI races in Doha, Qatar.

[Reprinted from Thunderboat, December 2012]