2013 Indiana Governor's Cup

High Water Cancels Madison Regatta

High water at the judges' stand at Madison
High water at the judges' stand at Madison

The worsening flood conditions along the Ohio River have forced H1 Unlimited and the Madison Regatta to cancel this year's Lucas Oil Indiana Governor's Cup Race.

With high water rising above the entire pit area along Madison's riverfront, officials had little choice but to cancel the event after monitoring the situation for the past three days and seeing the river jump from a projected 29-foot crest to more than 34.4 feet this morning and approaching 36 feet later in the day. Normal conditions range between 18-24 feet.

"We had held out hope these past three days that the rain east of here would subside and the river levels would fall," said Sam Cole, Chairman of H1 Unlimited. "We had created contingency plans for launching the boats but the rising water wouldn't allow for any other option."

"Our teams and the Madison Regatta organization were prepared to do their parts, but the weather and the Ohio River were not cooperative," Cole added.

With the entire region under Flash Flood warnings the past three days, swift currents, considerable debris and unfavorable forecasts prevented a postponement until Monday officials pointed out. The river is expected to crest this afternoon and then only drop a half foot by tomorrow.

"We were prepared to race at 29 feet," said H1 Unlimited Chief Referee Mike Noonan, but instead of dropping, the River has raised another 10 feet since Friday, making racing impossible."

The event will not be rescheduled in 2013 and will resume one its normal July 4 weekend dates in 2014.
"This saddens us greatly," Cole stated. "We wanted to race for our fans and for Madison. There is always a possibility, but none of us could have predicted the water levels and debris that have made this a challenging decision."

"Although we did our best with an Open House provided by all of our teams along the riverfront yesterday and now today, there is no substitute for racing. But this has been beyond everyone's control and all we can do is look forward to an exciting race next year."

The H1 series resumes next weekend in Detroit for the APBA Gold Cup race.

July 7th, 2013

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