2014 Diamond Cup

2014 Diamond Cup Cancelled

Diamond Cup Unlimited, LLC is reluctantly announcing the cancellation of the 2014 Diamond Cup Hydroplane Race. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s obdurate refusal to accept an application for a Marine Event permit in conformity with his statutory obligations under Idaho law has caused the cancellation of the race.

Idaho law obligates the Sheriff’s Office to accept a completed application for a Marine Event permit up to 30 days before the event. As late as yesterday afternoon, when asked again by Diamond Cup representatives to honor the letter of Idaho law, the Sheriff refused, citing his staffing needs and demands.

Diamond Cup Unlimited, LLC has worked tirelessly to host the 2014 event in an effort to repay debts arising from the 2013 race. We appreciate the efforts of all of those who have worked with us in a cooperative and community minded manner. Ironically, with tighter crowd control procedures and a minimum of 30,000 tickets sold, the Diamond Cup would have achieved its goal of retiring its 2013 debt, funding the 2014 race, and being financially sound going into 2015. However, the Sheriff’s announcement of July 1, wherein he refused to consider the issuance of a permit any further, coupled with his subsequent refusal to accept any other application materials, terminated ticket sales and causing financing commitments to be withdrawn.

Ticket holders who wish to obtain a refund should contact Tickets West or Diamond Cup for reimbursement. We will continue to pursue all avenues for a 2015 race. Thank you to those who have supported us.

July 19th, 2014

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