2022 Indiana Governors Cup

Shane wins at Madison, Peabody’s boat flips

Jimmy Shane wins the Indiana Governor’s Cup
as Corey Peabody’s boat flips end-over-end

MADISON, Ind. — A spectacular end-over-end flip of the Lynx Healthcare hydroplane brought a sudden end to this year’s Madison Regatta on the Ohio River. Jimmy Shane in Miss HomeStreet was declared the winner of the H1 Unlimited Racing Series event.

The driver of the Lynx Healthcare, Corey Peabody, 43, of Kent, Washington, was immediately taken to the medical facility at the racecourse, where his condition was evaluated and he was released to be with his family, apparently not seriously injured. The flip came during an exciting battle between Peabody and Shane through the first four laps of the final heat.

Shane had the inside lane on Peabody while the two battled never more than four boat lengths apart. As the pair crossed the finish line to start the last lap of the winner-take-all final and headed into the first turn, the Lynx Healthcare’s nose suddenly began to dance higher off the water then the boat climbed into the air and did two complete somersaults in midair before crashing back into the water. The hydroplane, the winner of last weekend’s Gold Cup race, landed right-side up but appeared to be severely damaged as patrol boats towed it back to the pit area.

The race was stopped as soon as the accident happened and, with three laps completed by all boats, the officials declared the race finished. As the winner of the Indiana Governor’s Cup, Shane, 36, of San Antonio, Texas, claimed his 21st career victory and his fifth race win in Madison in the past six seasons. His race team is based in Madison.

Finishing second was Shane’s teammate on the Madison Racing Team Jeff Bernard, 37, of Kent, Washington, the driver of Goodman Real Estate. Jamie Nilsen, 37, of Gig Harbor, Washington, finished third in Miss Colleen and J. Michael Kelly, 43, of Bonney Lake, Washington, took fourth-place honors in Miss Tri-Cities.

Earlier in the day, Shane won both of his preliminary heats while Peabody finished first in one heat and was second in another. In the day’s first heat, Peabody battled Shane through most of the first lap until Shane began to pull away in the second lap and finished ahead by the length of a roostertail. Nilsen put together a good fight against Shane in the early stages of the second heat until Shane again pulled away. Peabody won the third preliminary heat easily.

The “Greatest Show on H-2-O” will now head west for the final three events of the H1 Unlimited Racing Series. The fastest race boats in the world will meet next on the Columbia River in the Tri-Cities, Washington, for the HAPO Columbia Cup on July 29 to 31; then will see action on Lake Washington in Seattle on August 5 to 7; and will wrap up the 2022 campaign on Mission Bay in San Diego on September 16 to 18. Ticket information for all three events is available on H1Unlimited.com.

Indiana Governor’s Cup at Madison, Ind.

HEAT 1 — 1, Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 400 points, 146.999 avg. speed; 2, Corey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, 300, 145.527; 3, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 225, 137.799; 4, J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 169, 136.938.

HEAT 2 — 1, Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 400, 145.650; 2, Jamie Nilsen, Miss Colleen, 300, 142.720; 3, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 225, 135.321.

HEAT 3 — 1, Corey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, 400, 144.265; 2, Jamie Nilsen, Miss Colleen, 300, 123.493; J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, DSQ.

FINAL HEAT — 1, Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 400, 147.563; 2, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 300, 132.402; 3, Jamie Nilsen, Miss Colleen, 225, 129.258; 4, J. Michael Kelly, 169, 127.911; Coey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, DSQ.

ACCUMULATED POINTS — Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 1300; Jamie Nilsen Miss Colleen, 875; Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 810; Corey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, 780; J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 408.

NATIONAL STANDINGS (DRIVERS) — 1, Jimmy Shane, San Antonio, Texas, 3300 points; 2, Corey Peabody, Kent, Wash., 3049; 3, Jeff Bernard, Kent, Wash., 2729; 4, J. Michael Kelly, Bonney Lake, Wash., 2058; 5, Jamie Nilsen, Gig Harbor, Wash., 1944; 6, Dave Villwock, Monroe, Wash., 1369; 7, Jimmy King, Memphis, Mich., 825.

NATIONAL STANDINGS (BOATS) — 1, Miss HomeStreet, Madison, Ind., 3300 points; 2, Lynx Healthcare, Auburn, Wash., 3049; 3, Goodman Real Estate, Madison, Ind., 2729; 4, Miss Tri-Cities, Auburn, Wash., 2058; 5, Miss Colleen, Cle Elum, Wash., 1944; 6, Miss Beacon Plumbing, Snohomish, Wash., 1369; 7, Griggs presents Miss Ace Hardware, Evansville, Ind., 825.