Route 66 - But What Do You Do in March?

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"But what do you do in March?" was an episode of Route 66 that aired in May of 1963. Set in Tierra Verde, Florida the storyline was about a rivalry between two rich women. They arrange for a match race between Gold Cupper and Sunshine Baby IV. The plot is stupid but it's worth watch for the boat sequences. Les Staudacher was a technical adviser for the film which also featured Guy Lombardo.

Gold Cupper started out as a 4-seater for Lombardo but was later raced as Tempo in 1963 and 1964, as the second Miss Budweiser in 1965 and as Miss Busch Bavarian in 1966. Later cut up by Staudacher (credit: Jim Sharkey).



Tod and Linc are both working on the St. Petersburg island called Tierra Verde. In 1963 it was just starting to get off the ground and the center of it all was Guy Lombardo's Port O Call lodge. Starry eyed investors believed this to be the next big thing for well-heeled folks seeking vacation residences in warmer climates. The resort faltered, but when Route 66 was filmed it was in the midst of the much ballyhooed start-up phase and we visualize it as an idyllic lifestyle as Tod works in the real estate sales department pitching model homes to potential clients. Linc, meanwhile, is getting his hands dirty in the construction of one of the seawalls which planners envisioned not only offered protection but dockside deep water for wealthy yacht owners. This is really some nice travelogue Americana. It's kind of sad that the dreamers who envisioned over 6000 residents and up to 1000 guest rooms didn't make it - in 2012 it roughly has only half that population and, perhaps, no hotels or lodges. Anyway, it looks very promising here.

The story is centers around two beautiful spoiled rich dilettantes' (i.e., a self centered person who feigns interest in arts for narcissistic reasons) competing for bragging rights as to who owns the world's fastest speedboat. The world is their oyster - a world in which people and relationships are disposable. Writers use a novel way to introduce Tod and Linc to the young women who will soon be competing for them, as well as the title of fastest boat, Tod and Linc get capsized (even if their boat doesn't) by one of the beauties. A confrontation ensues and soon the women play the men for their bidding.

Interesting people in interesting places involved in drama: Route 66's stock-in-trade is the depiction of these ingredients and this story has it all. There's two romances, both ultimately doomed - it tells volumes in the differences producers have created in the personality of Tod and Linc as to how they react oppositely to, virtually, the same situation. This one is a time capsule in America's heady last days of unbridled prosperity before Vietnam, social unrest, mind-altering drugs,and energy crises forever changed things for the worse. But, here the worse things are spoiled wealthy women with too much time and I must confess they really entertain - with the backdrop of sunny Florida and boat racing. A fun and interesting episode, and at this point it is just what Route 66 needs as Linc is further integrated as Buz's replacement.

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