Sea Hunt - "Skipper"

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Mike investigates the ramming of a Coast Guard boat by a hydroplane piloted by a friend of his during a race.

There's racing, romance, brotherly rivalry and a moray eel.

The show, which was the fourth season's 36th episode, aired in September 1961.

The racing footage is from Seattle but the underwater scenes were shot in Nassau, Bahamas.

The plot is pretty stupid but it is fun to pick out the boats we're familiar with and guess when they were shot.

The "big accident" is the 1958 Miss Thriftway crash. There are a couple of scenes immediately after the accident where the announcer uses boat names that clearly were not on the boats shown.

There is some brief footage of the salvage of the Coast Guard boat and Miss Thriftway

Also glimpsed are the first Maverick, Hawaii Kai III, and Thriftway Too. Not all footage is from Seattle in 1958. Miss Spokane and KOLroy appear in a shot with a helicopter but it's from 1960 in Seattle when Wahoo had flipped and Bob Larsen dove in to assist in the rescue of Mira Slovak.

"Mike Nelson" never appears alongside a real hydroplane and the scenes on board his own boat feature unconvincing rear projection. The racing footage is all displayed on a TV monitor on Mike's boat.