Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - "Time Bomb"

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The Chinese have developed a way to turn a human body into an intense bomb. They intend to infiltrate the Soviet Union and create a diplomatic incident that will draw the US and Soviets in nuclear annihilation.

This episode came out in September 1965 but was set in 1974.

The racing scenes were shot in San Diego in October 1964. The script called for the admiral to intentionally spin his boat his boat, throwing him into the water (!) and then dive below the surface to get to a nuclear reactor.

Tempo is prominently featured. Also seen are Miss Exide (2), Mariner Too (2), Savair's Mist, Miss Madison (2) and Miss Budweiser (1).

The racing scenes begin around the 33:00 mark.

In the closeup shots of the admiral piloting a racing boat, his craft is a rear-engined speedboat; all the hydroplanes had their engines up front. The admiral's helmet is white; that of the Tempo's, red. The "special effects" were anything but special and the "plot", if you can call it that, is ludicrous. The sound of the engines more resembles a turbine rather than and Allison or Rolls.