1993 Season Summary


1. May 30 Sneaky Pete's Texas Hydrofest Dallas [Lewisville], Texas
2. June 5-6 Budweiser APBA Gold Cup Detroit, Michigan
3. June 13 Budweiser Miami Regatta Miami, Florida
4. June 27 Budweiser Thunder on the Ohio Evansville, Indiana
5. July 4 Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup Madison, Indiana
6. July 11 Ford Kansas City Thunderfest Kansas City, Missouri
7. July 25 Budweiser Columbia Cup Pasco, Washington
8. August 1 Seafair Texaco Cup Seattle, Washington
9. September 19 Texaco Star Mart Cup San Diego, California
10. October 24 Outrigger Hotels Hydrofest Honolulu, Hawaii


  Winner Crew Chief Designer Builder Engine Course Distance
5/30 Miss T-Plus (1) Tim Ramsey Lucero-Jones Lucero-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Miles
6/6 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 2½ Miles 52½ Miles
6/13 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 1⅓ Miles 23⅔ Miles
6/27 Miss Budweiser (18) Ron Brown Brown-Jones Ron Brown Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Miles
7/4 Miss Budweiser (18) Ron Brown Brown-Jones Ron Brown Lycoming 2½ Miles 35 Miles
7/11 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Miles
7/25 Miss Budweiser (18) Ron Brown Brown-Jones Ron Brown Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Miles
8/1 Miss Budweiser (17) Ron Brown Jones-Brown Brown-Jones Lycoming 2 Miles 28 Miles
9/19 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Charlie Grooms Ron Jones Ron Jones Lycoming 2½ Miles 35 Miles
10/24 Miss T-Plus (2) Tim Ramsey Ron Jones Jones-Ramsey Lycoming 2½ Miles 35 Miles


  Built Boat High Points Total Team High Points
1. (1988) Kellogg's Frosted Flakes 10967 (2)
2. (1987) Winston Eagle (3) 10890 (3)
3. (1987) Miss Budweiser (17) 8784 (1-14340)
4. (1988) Tide 8774 (4-9168)
5. (1992) American Spirit (2) 7182 (6-6788)
6. (1989) Miss Budweiser (18) 5556  
7. (1988) Cooper's Express 4762 (7)
8. (1993) Miss T-Plus (2) 4391 (5-8496)
9. (1982) Miss T-Plus (1) 4105  
10. (1984) Miss Circus Circus (5) 2263 (8-4353)
11. (1984) Kauai Aloha 2234 (9)
12. (1992) Miss Circus Circus (7) 2090  
13. (1984) Oh Boy! Oberto (8) 1990 (10)
14. (1993) Spirit of Hawaii 573 (11)
15. (1990) Miss Sprint 296 (12)
16. (1990) Winston Eagle (2) 000  
17. (1974) Miss Tubs (2) Dnq  
18. (1988) Miss Exide (3) Dnq  


  Driver High Points Total
1. Chip Hanauer 14340
2. Mike Hanson 10967
3. Mark Tate 10890
4. Steve David 8496
5. Mark Evans 7182
6. George Woods 5857
7. Mitch Evans 4762
8. Dave Villwock 4353
9. Nate Brown 2917
10. Mike Eacrett 1990
11. Ken Muscatel 1502
12. Mike Jones 732
13. Ken Dryden 573
14. Jerry Hopp 296


  Former Names
1. Holset Miss Madison (2), Holset Miss Mazda, Holset Miss U.S. Star, Gaylord's At Kilohana, Valvoline Miss Madison, Kellogg's Tony The Tiger
2. Miller American (2), Miller High Life (2), Miss Circus Circus (4)
4. Mr. Pringles (2), Executone (4), Ellis Park, Super Range Golf, Ultra Bold Dash
5. The Brake Shop (2), Miss Rock KISW-FM (5), Lytle State Rep., Miss UAW, Miss Hannalei Hotel, Dallas Motor Coach, ARC Construction (5), Tide's American Spirit
7. Risley's, Seaco Aviation Fuels (2), Holset Miss Madison (3), Miss D.O.C. (2), Miss Chiro Choice, Miss Meta Lax, Oberto Wild Waves, Oh Boy! Oberto Beef, Oh Boy! Oberto Pork (2), Oh Boy! Oberto (7), Poly Dyn, Miss D.O.C. Ray-Ban, Alvey's American Eagle
9. Atlas Van Lines (10), Spirit of America, Squire Shop (4), Oh Boy! Oberto (6), The Brake Shop (1), Arc Construction (3), Harvey Motor Sports
10. Atlas Van Lines (11), Miller American (1), Miller High Life (1), Race Rock Motor City Diner, Arc Construction (4), Spirit of San Diego, American Spirit (1)
11. Miss Tosti Asti (2), Miss 7-Eleven, Cellular One (2), Competition Specialties, Vantage Ultra, Winston Eagle (1), Superior Racing, Miss D.O.C, Acuvue, Gerst Amber, Pete's Wicked Ale
12. Coors Dry
13. Executone (3), Mr. Pringles (1), Risley's (2), U.S. West Cellular, U-24, Oh Boy! Oberto Pork (1)
14. Miss Rock KISW-FM (6), Coors Light
15. ARC Construction Special, Easter Seals, Jackpot Food Mart (2), Miss Kpoi, Miss Kpoi Gaylords Kauai, Ms. Pog, Taco Time
17. Lincoln Thrift (2) , Squire Shop II, Miss Bellevue Mazda, Miss Mid Mark Distributors
18. Miss Stroh Light, Boss Marine Sports, Sundek (1), Infinity Car Audio, Unlimited Marine Racing, Miss Motorcraft, Ms. Clothestime, BASF Unlimiteds Detroit, Miss Wellness Plan



As in 1984 after two years of the Fan Plan the U.R.C. went back to the draw system to decide who would compete in each heat.

They also went back to the system of full points for all heats. Part of the motivation might have been that the 1991 High Point race would have been a lot closer under the old system.

Both Budweiser and Winston Eagle stood pat for 1993. However Ron Jones Jr. got a major sponsor in the form of the return of Circus Circus to the hydro wars. The new double wing that ran as Coors Dry in 1992 and won at San Diego would be fully funded for 1993.

After 20 years the boats returned to Dallas [Lewisville], Texas to open the season. The back up Winston Eagle (debut 1990) ran against the 1987 Miss Budweiser and was thorougly defeated in a 3 lap race the day before the main event.

In the main event Miss Budweiser 87 won all her preliminary heats and heading into the final had three m.p.h. on the field. However in the championship heat she hooked and stalled before the start leaving the competition open to such as Miss Circus Circus (143.4 best lap), Winston Eagle 1987 (143.2) and possibly Tide (140.3).

Nevertheless it was Miss T-Plus that took the lead after Winston Eagle died in the first turn. Miss Circus Circus, who had defeated Tide and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes in the preliminaries, was close for a lap and then Miss T-Plus was away for the win.

Next was Detroit and Miss Budweiser 87 had five m.p.h. on the field taking all five of her heats to easily win the Gold Cup. This marked Chip Hanauer's eighth unassisted Gold Cup and thus tieing him with the great Bill Muncey. Hanauer's 1988 win had to be shared with Jon Prevost who drove a preliminary heat that enabled Chip to make the final heat in which he drove to victory.

The double wing Circus Circus was damaged in the Gold Cup so the back up Circus was brought to Miami. The boat had run in 1988-89 as Miss Circus Circus beginning her career as Atlas Van Lines in 1984. This time the 87 Miss Budweiser had seven m.p.h. on the field winning all four heats to take the regatta.

Budweiser tried their 1989 boat at Evansville and again won all their heats to win the race having five m.p.h. over the other entries. Although winning heat 3-B, Budweiser was penalized a lap for moving into Winston Eagle's lane. This was Chip Hanauer’s first race with the hull after it bit him in the second turn at San Diego last year after a similar experience at Seattle.

The competition got closer at Madison with both Winston Eagle and Circus running within two m.p.h. of Miss Budweiser again using their 1989 boat. Winston Eagle got the best of Budweiser in heat 3-A, but had mechanical trouble in the final heat thus losing to Miss Budweiser.

Budweiser switched back to their 87 hull for Kansas City. Again there were three boats within two m.p.h of each other - Budweiser, Winston and T-Plus (1982)

Winston Eagle again got the better of Miss Budweiser in a preliminary heat, but fell 3 seconds short in the final after giving the Anheuser-Busch entry a good battle. Tide flipped in a pre-race trial and injured driver George Woods to such an extent that he had to retire from the sport.

Nate Brown -- a crew member who had driven for Fred Leland last year after working on the Winston crew, replaced George Woods for the Tri-Cities. To his credit in his first race Brown posted a lap within 2½ m.p.h. of Budweiser who went back to their 1989 hull. However in her third heat Tide flipped over for the second straight race. Winston Eagle was 3½ m.p.h. behind Miss Budweiser.

Needless to say having such an advantage Miss Budweiser won the regatta although given a hard battle by a penalized Winston Eagle in the final heat. The back up Miss Circus Circus flipped over before the start of heat 1-A - the double wing had been shunted to the background at this point of the season.

Perhaps the most spectacular blow over in the history of the sport took place in the final heat at Seattle. Winston Eagle, who had won all three of her preliminary heats, led the 1987 Miss Budweiser heading into the second backstretch. Suddenly Winston became airborne and actually flew down the backstretch backwards before crashing down on its canopy which splintered. Fortunately driver Mark Tate came out of the accident relatively unhurt and drove in the next race.

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes from Madison had the fastest lap at Seattle by two m.p.h., but could not get by the winning Miss Budweiser in the final heat. Miss Circus Circus did not appear at Seattle since Circus again abruptly decided to get out of Unlimited Racing. The new double wing Miss T-Plus was again six m.p.h. off the pace as at the Tri-Cities.

At San Diego Winston Eagle was the fastest boat by six m.p.h., nevertheless she was washed down by Miss Budweiser 1987 on the intial backstretch of the final heat. She had won all of her preliminary heats heading into the championship heat. Miss Budweiser led the rest of the way after passing a dead Miss T-Plus in lap two, but was penalized a lap for encroaching on the Winston Eagle. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, the trailer, then won the race.

American Spirit joined Miss T-Plus and Winston Eagle on the San Diego final heat sidelines by going dead in lap three. Tide was running sick so all Kelloggs had to do to win the race was to beat the piston powered Cooper Express. She accomplished this in lap 2 to account for one of the most bizarre triumphs in the long history of Unlimited Racing.

In one of the great upsets of the post World War II era, Miss T-Plus got out in front in the final heat at Honolulu and stayed there warding off the persistent challenge of the 1989 Miss Budweiser. Steve David in T-Plus won, however it was perhaps the wildest winning ride since Bill Muncey in Atlas Van Lines defeated Dean Chenoweth's Budweiser in the final at the Tri-Cities in 1980.

The double wing T-Plus did not really get on the circuit until the mid-season at Pasco. She was at best 6 m.p.h. off the pace until Honolulu. Laying in the weeds as it were she was beaten in all three of her Hawaii preliminary heats before suprising everyone in the final. Unlike the triumph of Coors Dry in 1992, there was now an open question as to whether the double wing was the design of the future having beaten Miss Budweiser head to head in a final heat.

Miss Budweiser 1989 still had the fastest lap 161.6 to T-PLus' 160.4. Winston Eagle didn't win a heat in Honolulu and wound up third in the High Point Standings behind Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

[Statistics from Greene, V.2]