1954 Season Summary


  30-May Fite Memorial Marathon Ocean City, NJ
1 19-Jun Maple Leaf Trophy Windsor, Ontario
2 03-Jul Detroit Memorial Detroit, Michigan
3 25-Jul Lake Tahoe Championship Tahoe City, California
4 07-Aug APBA Gold Cup Seattle, Washington
  15-Aug Buffalo Launch Club Regatta Buffalo, N.Y.
5 06-Sep O.J. Mulford Silver Cup Detroit, Michigan
6 12-Sep Mapes Sky High Gold Cup Chambers Lodge, Calif.
7 19-Sep Presidents Cup Washington, D.C.
8 26-Sep Imperial Gold Cup New Martinsville, W.Va.
9 03-Oct International Cup Elizabeth City, N.C.
10 10-Oct Indiana Governor's Cup Madison, Indiana


  Date Winner Driver
1 19-Jun Gale V Lee Schoenith
2 03-Jul Gale V Lee Schoenith
3 25-Jul Scooter Jack Regas
4 07-Aug Slo-mo-shun V Lou Fageol
5 06-Sep Dora My Sweetie Jack Bartlow
6 12-Sep Scooter Jack Regas
7 19-Sep Gale IV Bill Cantrell
8 26-Sep Gale V Lee Schoenith
9 03-Oct Gale V Lee Schoenith
10 10-Oct Gale IV Bill Cantrell


  Winner Crew Chief Designer Builder Engine
6/19 Gale V Lyle Ritchie Les Staudacher Les Staudacher Allison
7/3 Gale V Bud Meldrum Les Staudacher Les Staudacher Allison
8/7 Slo-mo-shun V Elmer Linenschmidt Ted Jones Anchor Jensen Rolls-Merlin
9/6 My Sweetie Dora Frank Nickolits John Hacker Les Staudacher Allison
9/12 Scooter Bart Carter Apel-Carter Ventnor-Carter Allison
9/19 Gale IV Bud Meldrum Les Staudacher Les Staudacher Allison
9/26 Gale V Bud Meldrum Les Staudacher Les Staudacher Allison
10/3 Gale V Bud Meldrum Les Staudacher Les Staudacher Allison
10/10 Gale IV Bud Meldrum Les Staudacher Les Staudacher Allison


  Driver High Points
1 Lee Schoenith 1450
2 Bill Cantrell 990
3 Jack Bartlow 862
4 George Simon 633
5 Lou Fageol 600
6 Frank "Bud" Saile 582
7 John Ban 359
8 Danny Foster 314
9 Joe Taggart 240
10 Roy Duby 132
11 Jack Regas 132
12 Bob Ward 120
13 Walt Kade 120
14 Joe "Doc" Terry 120
15 Bill Stead 105
16 Ed McCabe 105
17 Chuck Thompson 90
18 Stan Dollar 81
19 Marv Henrich 60
20 Jay Murphy 20
21 Bob Grattan 0


  Built Boat High Points Team
1 1954 Gale V 1920
2 1954 Gale IV 1375
3 1952 Miss Cadillac 1305
    Miss Great Lakes II 12-270
4 1953 Dora My Sweetie 1235
5 1951 My Sweetie (2) 1230
6 1953 Miss U.S. 990
7 1951 Slo-mo-shun V 810
8 1951 Wha Hoppen Too 550
9 1950 Slo-mo-shun IV 540
10 1953 Trot-A-Long 420
11 1954 John Francis My Sweetie 360
12 1940 Miss Wayne 270 13
13 1954 Scooter 190 14
14 1948 Hurricane IV 135 15
15 1939 Short Snorter 96 16
16 1954 Short Circuit 90 17
17 1954 Breathless 45 18
18 1954 Miss Supertest II 0
19 1953 Pace-A-Long 0
20 1949 Crusty 0
21 1939 It's A Wonder 0



At the end of 1953 there were six boats that had contender status. Fortunately for the Slo-mos, Such Crust III and Such Crust V were retired, Gale II was sold to two inexperienced, underfinanced young men and the status of Miss Great Lakes II was uncertain. This left the Slo-mos in a dominant position since the boats in Detroit capable of giving them a race probably would not show up at the Gold Cup starting line.

Bill Cantrell joined the Gale camp and was scheduled to drive the new Gale IV by Les Staudacher. Gale III was a disappointment, but Lee Schoenith was slated to drive her in 1954.

Slo-mo-shun V, the #1 Slo-mo, had suddenly become a wild ride on the 1953 eastern circuit and it was problematical how well she would perform in 1954. This made Slo-mo-shun IV, the defending champ, the boat to beat in the Gold Cup - a favorite for a record fourth Gold Cup win overcoming El Lagarto's three victories.

After testing in April and May, the Schoenith camp abandoned Gale III and purchased Gale V which had been built on speculation by Les Staudacher. Amazingly this hull purchased "off the shelf" went out and won her first race - the Maple Leaf Trophy. She was aided by Miss U.S. who was out in front in the first two heats before capsizing trying to catch Gale V after making a bad start in the third heat.

At the next regatta - the Ford Memorial - the Miss Great Lakes II came out of retirement and proved her ability to run with the leaders winning heat two, but was driven inconsistently and again Gale V won the race posting the fastest lap at 93.345. Miss U.S. was the quickest at Windsor going 94.687. Gale IV showed some potential in the Memorial running with Miss Great Lakes II in the second heat. Miss Great Lakes II's best lap was 89.212 m.p.h.

Miss Great Lakes II was sold to Bud Saile prior to the Gold Cup. Saile had not distinguished himself in the Miss Wayne which was the old Notre Dame built in 1940. Rivalling Saile in inexperience was George Simon who missed buoys in one heat at Windsor and tipped his mount over in the third heat. It appeared that the Sayres team had four m.p.h. on the field.

Two of the favorites - Gale V and Slo-mo-shun IV - effectively eliminated themselves before the start of the first Gold Cup heat by jumping the gun. Defending champion Slo-mo-shun IV made it certain that she would not win her fourth Gold Cup by quitting on the seventh lap. Slo-mo-shun V won the heat although being briefly headed by Gale IV before the latter expired. Slo-mo-shun V took the heat by 85 seconds over Miss U.S. who had been swamped for a period of time.

Slo-mo-shun V had a big advantage starting heat two and the question was whether her new Rolls Merlin engine could go the 90 miles. This same powerplant had been an erratic performer for the Such Crust camp in 1951.

Slo-mo-shuns IV and V ran out in front during heat two keeping the Detroiters Miss U.S. and Gale V back in third and fourth place. Slo-mo-shun V was in the lead. Slo-mo-shun IV faltered in the final lap so the Miss U.S. was able to sneak in behind Slo-mo V for second place. Slo-mo-shun IV was third and Gale V was fourth.

Slo-mo-shun V had 200 points and over two minutes in elapsed time over Miss U.S. with one heat to go. In order for the U.S. to win she would have to win the final heat at record speed to get the 400 point bonus for the fastest heat to counteract Slo-mo V's potential fastest race bonus. Also Slo-mo-shun V would have to finish fourth.

The bottom line was Slo-mo V could only lose the race by mechanical failure.

Slo-mo-shun V's path was blocked briefly by a late starting Wha Hoppen Too at the beginning of the final heat opening the door for the Miss U.S. to lead down the first backstretch. She was closely followed by Slo-mo-shun IV. The IV was able to force Miss U.S. wide on the turn and Slo-mo-shun V came through taking the lead at the first turn of the second lap.

A lap later Miss U.S. got hosed down again and Slo-mo-shun V went on to win the heat and the Gold Cup. Gale V moved past the second place Slo-mo-shun IV in the sixth lap and came within four seconds of Slo-mo-shun V at the end of the 30 miles.

Like 1951 the Slo-mos had no intention of going east leaving the Gales and Miss U.S. to fight it out for the Silver Cup. Gale V went out on the first lap of heat 1-A and Miss U.S. had engine trouble in heat 1-B putting Gale IV in a good position to take the race having won heat 1-B. The field was split since there were 10 starters

Then in the second heat Gale IV went down and Miss U.S. continued to have engine trouble leaving the also rans with a good chance to win. Miss U.S. failed to finish the third heat and Dora, My Sweetie led the field with 900 points heading into the fourth heat. The little My Sweetie and Trot-A-Long, the former Such Crust V leased to Fred Van Lennep for the race, were next with 569 points. Dora could win the Silver Cup by finishing second in the next two heats.

She was second in the fourth heat and then needed only a third in the final to win the Cup. Dora, My Sweetie won the final to give owner Horace Dodge a most cherished triumph. However Dora, My Sweetie was about 10 m.p.h. slower than Gale IV around a three mile course.

Despite this Dora, My Sweetie came alive in the Presidents Cup and ran in front of Gale IV for several laps before the later took the race. Dora was an overall second with Gale V being unable to get out of third place the entire regatta.

Gale V however came back and was victorious in the next two races at New Martinsville, West Virginia and Elizabeth City, North Carolina besting her sister ship Gale IV and Dora, My Sweetie.

At the final race of the season in Madison, Gale IV enjoyed the hegemony of Gale V over the field at the previous two races and took its second regatta in its last four trys.

Gale IV had the best competition lap of the season at 99.438 m.p.h. Gale V's best lap was 95.238 m.p.h. Dora, My Sweetie, a step boat like the Miss Pepsi, had a top lap between these two figures.

Slo-mo-shun V, still somewhat wild, was close to Gale IV's speed as was her sister Slo-mo-shun IV on the basis of her 1953 record.

Miss U.S. was rated at 95.188 m.p.h. As a result of again six contenders, 1955 shaped up as a banner year.

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]